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Finally an update

Ok, so I had a blast this weekend in Houston, and still don't really feel like I'm back home despite the fact that I went to class yesterday. The clubs are so much better than anything we have here in New Orleans and it just felt good to get away from this fucking place, if only for a weekend. Spent the night at Lorenzo's Fri night and left Sat morning. Went to the galleria, got some awesome Pumas and a hat and got pretty tipsy on shots of Jose and hit the Rent part & South Beach... SO much fun. The music was great, and I mad e Lorenzo burn me some cd's when we got back Sun..haha I just can't get out of the mind set of being on vacation, I can't wait for Spring break!

I skipped volunteering today, I'm just not motivated to drive my happy ass uptown to go work at the ARC today, maybe later this week, but not today. I donno, think Im going to Running at Versailles & then maybe go catch some lunch. Supposed to go and see Roni's baby Lexton with Huong SPam later and Chris wants me to go work out with him later this afternoon. I got an A on my English paper which is awesome considering everyone else in my class got like C's.(Downward Social Comparison) I'm such a nerd, Im sure I got an A on my Social test too seeing as I can apply the concepts in my

Now that I think about it I need to go to the Crombie to print out my schedule and get my discount on some stuff. I'm sure I'll think of like 20 other things I need to do as the day goes by, Im so absent minded. Speaking of, I had the weirdest dream last night. I was driving in the Chal towards the square for some reason and there was a playground there(which in real life there is not) and I think my family was all there and but the one person that I do remember being there was Nathan which is strange and we talked. It was an odd dream to say the least, I just remember it going from that scene to me walking in a restaurant with Michelle & Ashley sitting down together and I pulled up a chair. At this point, I proceeded to wake up.

But yea, I can't wait for this weekend and Im not sure if I'ma llowed to say quite yet, I'll have to confirm with someone's name that I can't say bc it would give whatever Im talking about away. Well, damn it Megan just informed me that Stecky knows we're having a SO yea PARTY FOR STECKLER! See you on Friday babe... Well, it's already 11, so Im thinking I should get out of bed and put something else on besides boxers..haha

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