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Tuesdays are the best!

NO CLASS TODAY! Ok, so it seems like my livejournal updates are going to be once a week, which should make for some entertaining reading b/c they are all going to be REALLY Anyway, this weekend I drove my little neon over to Lafayette for Stecky's B-day which was so fun. Almost got arrested, had plenty of alcohol, and was with a hott boy, sounds like this weekend was complete to me! Lauren and Liz were at their sorority thing until like 9:45, which was ok with me since I got there at like 9. As soon as I got there Meghan and I started taking shots. She had captain morgan, and I had Jager and Goldschlager compliments of Yanna...(Thanx Yanna!) So, we take some shots and I decide that we need to go and get Lauren's present out of my car.

So, Meghan, Ryan, and myself go down to my car and I open the truck and they both star laughing as I pull out a ginormous BUMP construction sign. I figured it would remind ya of home Stecky =P. I took it from St. Bernard Hwy in the middle of the Well, we start to walk back to the apartment when we're stopped by UL's University Policy who  interrogate us about as to where we got the sign. Well, as soon as they get up to uss Meghan automatically drops the sign, so it looks like Im the only one holding it(Thanx a lot!). I told them it was for a friend's B-day and I got it at a garage sale(haha). Meghan didnt have her ID on her so they made us go back up to the room to get it. As we're walking, we realize omg THERE'S A CRAP LOAD OF ALCOHOL in the apartment and this is a DRY CAMPUS!

Well, Meghan sees Kevin's room mate on the way there and tells him to call Kevin to hide the alcohol. We get to the apartment and they come in and Meghan gets her ID and narrowly escapes the cops seeing a bottle of Captain Morgan's on the They take us outside and call in info from our ID' idea why.. The whole time this was going on I had the biggest stupid smile on my face b/c I knew they weren't going to do anything. They kept saying how this was "stolen property"..blah blah blah.. Anyway, the guy gives us our ID's back and says well, just keep it down at this party, and then looks at the other rent-a-cop and says
do you want to carry this back down? Then they both just walk back down the stairs.... Score! We got the sign! We bring it inside and I wipe off all the Chalmette dirt from it and have everyone sign it.

Well, Liz & Lauren finally get there and Meghan and I have both had quite a few shots at this point. People start coming and we just keep taking  Eventually Lorenzo calls me and I give the phone to Liz to give him directions on how to get to the apartment. He eventually gets there and goes to the wrong Vermilion  He finally gets to the party and I introduce him to Lauren, Liz, Meghan and whoever else was there. We bust out the Goldschlager since apparently Lorenzo likes it so much. Personally, I'll stick with my Jager so easy to shoot and sooo  I was the unofficial DJ for the night b/c I kept playing Abercrombie music. Well, I get sufficiently wasted the extent of this party(not as bad off as Meghan...LOL) but pretty tipsy. Apparently I felt Liz up, which I do remember but it wa sin no way sexual which was why it was so funny.. Sorry I know you're disappointed.

Well, after we were at the party for a good while we decide that we're going to go out. Lorenzo & I get in his Benz and are on our way to the Keg which I have never been to only to find out that it had been raided..Guess it's a good thing we didnt get there any earlier than we did. So, we're both starving at this point so we just go to Caine's to get some food and just go back to his house and pass out ..=P 

Wake up the next morning and his mom cooks us breakfast..she's so sweet. He has to go to work and Lauren and Liz are at some sorority crap again so I decide that Im going to work on my psych paper. He drops me off at CC's and I sit with my coffee and work on my paper for a good 3 hours, which was probably the best thing that I could have done. I'm so responsible..(hahaha) I go back to Liz & Lauren's when Im done and Lauren and I take a much needed nap while Liz goes back to the sorority house. We wake up and just watch tv and I eventually talk to Lorenzo and decide that we're all tired and just want to watch a movie. So, we spoon on the couch and watch Sweet Home Alabama. Such a cute movie....
I walk him to his car and we make out for a while...=) Talk about our plans for next weekend which I can not wait for. Samantha's party is going to be kickass, b/c Samantha is kickass of course!Then I go back up and climb in Liz'z bed...haha We talked for a little while and I eventually just go pass out on the sofa.

Sunday, wake up at like 10, Lorenzo comes by after Church b/c I forgot to give him back his internet cord from the previous day. I say my goodbyes to Liz & Lauren...I miss you guys already =(.... And drive to Baton Rouge where I meet up with Meg who I haven't seen in forever... She's turned into such a little party animal since she's gotten to LSU. Well, actually since we've graduated. We go to the mall and I get my shorts for Samantha's party! It was so good to see her and her room mate is really cool. I need to go visit her more often. Well, I make the last hour of driving home and talk to Shannon who asks me if I want to go to see Constantine when I get in at 10.

I pick her and some other Loyola peeps up @ like  9:30, probably a little bit later than that and Speed my ass all the way to Elmwood just in time for the movie! We meet up with Paul who saved seats for us. The movie was really good, I recommend it. Finally get my ass home after the movie and pass out after a long weekend only to rest up for the one that's coming...LOL

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