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Well, I've decided that boys are stupid(which I already knew) and that I'm not goin to even worry about having a relationship b/c it seems like the more I want one and the more that I go out in pursit of one the less luck I have and the more I get hurt. Thanks for the advice Mikey! and  But yea, I'm going to take some time off from boys and work on myself. How cheesy does that actually sound, extremely! but it's so true that if you're not happy with yourself how can you really expect to be happy with anyone else, and I am obviously not happy with myself.

As I'm typing this Im seeing those stupid flyers that Brandon's RA put up in the bathroom about workig on Maybe he has a point, he is hott.. Damn it! no  I really need to start concentrating more on my studies and other more important things anyway. Boys & Alcagol seem to be the biggest two distractions in my life anyway. I have to start actually paying attention in Calculus since I obviously haven't been trying at all. So, Im going to be spending the night writing my personal mission statement for psych, which shouldn't take all night but I have my priorities in order. I look at it as, If I don't have any plans yet then I won't have anything to distract me from the

I'll probably do something afterwards but it won't be anything too involved, aka Im not going to go out and get drunk! So far my day has been pretty lax, I finished catching up with the OC, and was very excited when there was an episode with Chris..hehe I know I'm completely obsessed with this show but I can't help it it's addictive. But ah yes, the paper calls since I have yet to do anything but type this life journal and respond to a few IM's so I guess this is my goodbye, this is my sundown...

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