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Happy B-day Sweet <3...

Started the day with some shopping with the G-maw, I got a Kenneth Cole belt that is really cool, some awesome ties to wear for 80's night on Thursday, a new wallet, and a B-day present for Chad. I was so mad when I was shopping because everything that I wanted to buy for myself was in his size!! That is grossely unfair...

My G-maw wanted me to go out to eat with She and my dad later after we went shopping, but I told her that one of my friends was having a party in Biloxi so that I could go to Hattiesburg and see I left at about 6 and it seemed like it took forever to get there. I'd never drivern to Hattiesburg so it was an experience for me. When I finally got there Chad was waiting outside waving to me..hehe I was so excited to see him, but kind of nervous to meet his firends.

We went inside his apartment and I met his roomates, and got to see his room. We changed into our bathing suits and went to the pool. When we got to the pool I got to meet his bestfriend Angela, and as Im getting into the pool I realized that I had my cell phone in my pocket, which ended up getting full of water and no longer works. Oh well... We swam and drank beer for a while and tried to get into the hot tub but it was full of so much chlorine that you couldn't breathe.

His friends were all really cool, Curt was a little Though Chad said the same thing about him..haha Im curious to know what they thought about me, but I guess I'll have to wait to findd that out. Had to be straight in front of his friends, which was really hard to do considering Chad was a few inches away from me most of the night and kept grabbing my hand under the water..hehe He kept wrestling with me in the pool and I told him I was going to dunk him, and he said I had to kiss him under water if I did..He didn't get a kiss...hehehe

After we finished swimming, we went back to change and went over to Angela's apartment and ordered pizza..mmmmm We ate Dominos and played Scene It for a about an hour. Chad and I were on a team and we were so kicking ass, I knew all of the soundtrack questions and if there wouldv'e been a Cruel Intentions question, Chad would've gotten We so would've won but I had to leave..=( We were in 2nd place!  He and I went back to his apartment to get my stuff and I gave him is B-day present..=) He really liked it.. I got him a shirt from Abercrombie that I wanted Damn it!

I got all my crap together and he walked me to my car. I kissed him goodbye and started to drive off..I purposely drove off the wrong way, cause I know he'd come running after me, turned my car around, pulled next to him laughing, and we said goodbye again. I then started the long drive home...

Happy B-day Babe... *kiss*

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