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So, this has been one of the most confusing days ever. I checked my facebook when I got home, as I always do because I'm obsessed with it, but anyway I checked it and I had a comment from Nathan. Hmm, a comment from Nate!? WTF!??!?!?!?!?!?! Once again I say WT FREAKIN F!? We have not spoken in God knows how long, because I know I sure the hell have no idea when the last time I spoke to him was. So yea, he left me a comment with his # and well, frankly I wasn't going to call and figured if he wanted to talk to me that he'd just call me because my # was on my profile. But I realized that my # actually is not on there, so of course I put it for weirdos to call me, because hey at least I'd be getting some kind of

So yea, he calls me within like 10 mins as I'm on the phone with Derick and I click over and answer. So, we talk for like 20-30 mins about stuff just catchin up and talkin about old times. He's apparently doing well and has a good job and another 4 It was a kind of awkward conversation, but it felt good to talk to him. He's a good kid and I care about how him. I asked him what the fuck made him call me, and he said that he was talking to Jenny today and she said she had talked to me. Although, the last time that I even remember speaking to her was months ago after the storm...strange.....

Well, I was a bit caught off guard by that conversation, so I called Derick back to discuss.....
He answers, and I start to give him the story, about what Nate when he cuts me off and is like, "I really don't care" which I figured was just Derick being emo...fucker... But he continued to say that he didn't care and the only thing I call him for is to vent with my problems, which is definitely not true and I called him on it. And then I hung up b/c I was pissed off.

So, as I was about to remove him from my top 8 on myspace to show how angry I He calls back, and I answer with a smug "YES!?" And I proceed to tell him about how mean that was and how he's been avoiding me. Then he says that it's just tough for him to hear about things like that. And I was like "huh?" And then he says "It's just tough for me to hear about these things, BC I'M IN LOVE WITH YOU AND YOU DON'T EVEN KNOW IT!"

WOAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Didn't see that one coming.

So, I sat i silence for like 2 minutes and told him I had no idea what was supposed to say, and he said he didn't either. And then he said, well call me back when u think of anything, and we hung up.
Now, might I ask where does this drama come from? Is a magnet for it? I mean, I didn't cause any of this. I don't go to
I just don't know I can't handle all this right now, Damn you LJ! Ugh, Im going to workout.

Oh, and Leonard pisses me off too. The End.
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